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FHBA is pleased to offer a better choice than the HERS® Index! The FHBA Certified Ratings Program is a quick and efficient way to obtain certified energy and water ratings while supporting the FHBA.

The Certified Ratings Program, sponsored by the FHBA, can provide you with a better choice than HERS® with certified energy ratings certificates for new single-family homes, energy rating certificates for homes that are already built, and certified Water Star™ rating certificates for buildings. Now single-family home builders can directly support their industry when they order independent energy ratings based on Florida’s Energy Code or above Code.

Whether it’s certified code calculations, a certified blower door test, an Energy Rating Index (ERI) rating or a standalone validated energy inspection, a certificate could be issued for any of the Code’s compliance paths. In addition, the Program also partnered with Florida Water Star℠ to combine energy and water ratings.

The Program is unique since it relies on the accredited certification programs of UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and Intertek. Participants can choose to work with one or both of these internationally recognized leaders in the industry. Building departments around the state and country already receive millions of certification and evaluation reports from UL and Intertek to prove compliance. The Program makes energy code compliance easy for the builder, inspector and the building department.

For builders, the Program is a better choice than HERS® because it gives back to the FHBA with non-dues revenue and puts FHBA Members at the head of the table. Click below to contact our Program Administrator, Triconic, and to order Certified Energy Ratings.