BPI Certifications Provide Florida Home Builders with an Affordable Path for Blower Door Code Compliance

The Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) has obtained a set of non-binding interpretations from the Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF) allowing individuals certified by BPI to conduct blower door tests for Florida home builders to demonstrate compliance to the Florida building code. Blower door testing in new Florida homes becomes mandatory on July 1, 2017.

While these were separated into three separate requests for BOAF consideration, for this communication they are combined into a single paragraph and highlighted in red below:

Question: Would an individual who possesses a relevant certification by the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (in accordance with FS 553.993 (5) or (7)) meet the requirements of the Florida Building Code, 5th Edition (2014) – Energy Efficiency sections R104.5, R402.4.1.2, and R403.2.2 found in the 2016 Supplement in accordance with FS 553.998 (authorized by 2016 HB535) to submit an inspection report for a home for residential code compliance?

In summary, BOAF’s interpretation in all three cases is “yes” with commentary. Please see the following non-binding interpretations:
• 7911: http://interpretations.boaf.net/view/7911
• 7912: http://interpretations.boaf.net/view/7912
• 7867: http://interpretations.boaf.net/view/7867

“This is an important development for the building industry in Florida” said BPI CEO Larry Zarker. “Home builders need affordable options for testing to prove they meet the requirements of the Florida building code,” he added.

BPI Test Centers are now gearing up to provide training for individuals who will be qualified to perform these code compliance tests.

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