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Building University for Individual Leadership Development


Who is BUILD?

The Florida Home Builders Association created Building University for Individual Leadership Development (BUILD) to train the next generation of building industry leaders in Florida. Students who graduate from BUILD will have received focused curriculum on spokesperson training, development of leadership skills, and legislative and regulatory issues that impact housing and construction.

What is the curriculum?

Each BUILD class will stand independent of one another so participants may pick and choose which course they attend. Participants do not have to complete all three classes in one year. Once a participant has completed all three courses, they will graduate and receive their BUILD Diploma. Price of BUILD classes include meals and materials.


1st Class

$ 100
Half Day Class
  • Under this topic, we cover federal, state and local housing issues plus lobbying strategies, political action, and election law.

2nd Class

$ 200
Full Day Class
  • This day-long leadership training program will focus on the identification and development of successful leadership traits, operational effectiveness and strategic planning.

3rd Class

$ 200
Full Day Class
  • In this class participants are taught presentation skills and video-taped individually before being critiqued by the class and instructor.

How can I be a BUILD student?

Think you have what it take to be a BUILD student? Contact Kimberly Scott today at or call 850.402.1850 to reserve your seat.