Federal Supplement to Florida Joint Application

Please fill in and include the Supplemental Information for Federal Permitting (Supplement) when submitting the Joint Application Form 62-330.060(1) to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Water Management District or delegated local program. Absence of the Supplement may cause us to pause review of your application to ask for this information. Click here for application.

You are invited to a webinar on this topic at 2 pm, March 1, 2017 (flyer posted on our web page as an attachment to the Public Notice).

The posted Public Notice also briefly describes: if seeking verification under a specific Nationwide Permit or Regional General Permit; if submitting an application directly to the Corps; and if submitting request for an Exemption or Environmental Resource General Permit.

We welcome any questions or comments on the above.  Please send them Jacksonville District, Regulatory Division, PO Box 4970, Jacksonville, Florida 32232, Attn:  Bob Barron; by phone number at 904-232-2203, or by email at robert.b.barron@usace.army.mil.

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