Florida Building Code: Upcoming Meetings & Deadlines

The Commission’s Structural and Roofing Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) will be holding a concurrent meeting to review and accept interim reports for the following research project:

  • Corrosion of Roofing Fasteners
  • Roofing Technical Advisory Committee (separately)
  • To Review and Accept the Following Research project:
  • Field study and analytical assessment of Sealed Attics Conducted for the State of Florida

1st 45-Day Comment Period Deadline: This is also to let you know that the final day to submit comments on the proposed code changes to the 6th Edition (1017) Update to the Florida Building Code is February 25th.  These comments can be submitted online at www.floridabuilding.org under “Proposed Code Modifications”.

Preliminary Detail Reports and Tracking Charts can be found here:

Committee Schedule in April to review the proposed code changes can be found here:

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