Florida Home Builders PAC Announces Candidate Endorsements in State Cabinet Races

The Florida Home Builders Political Action Committee (FHB PAC) is pleased to announce its endorsements for state cabinet primary races. The FHB PAC seeks to ensure a favorable environment for the home building industry.

Republican Primary for Governor: Adam Putnam

Democratic Primary for Governor: Gwen Graham

Republican Primary for Attorney General: Ashley Moody

Republican Primary for Agriculture Commissioner: Denise Grimsley

General Election for Chief Financial Officer: Jimmy Patronis

“This really was a once in a decade opportunity, where each elected Cabinet position was up for re-election; absent any solidified incumbent, “ said Suzanne Graham, FHB PAC Chair. ”We successfully interviewed a dozen of the major candidates for statewide office. We believe these individuals are best suited to deliver an environment where Floridians can successfully pursue their dream of home ownership.”

Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) President, Greg Matovina, suggests it is a rare candidate who can balance all the factors that contribute to a favorable home building environment. According to Matovina, “it is not often when we can identify someone who understands how to balance the necessary ingredients of less regulation, a dynamic workforce, storm resiliency, a sound environment, fraud enforcement and affordability. The FHB PAC did an excellent job in their selection of candidates who not only demonstrate an understanding of critical issues to the industry, but also the ability to effectuate public policy towards the fulfillment of that favorable environment.”

Candidates offer their gratitude for the endorsement given by FHB PAC:


Republican Primary for Governor, Adam Putnam:

“I am honored to have the endorsement of the Florida Home Builders PAC. As your next Governor, I am committed to cutting fees, reducing red tape and streamlining regulation on our businesses and job creators. We must also ensure that Florida has the skilled workforce and labor that can meet the rising demand as we develop and build in our state. That’s why my number one priority as Governor will be to strengthen workforce training so that every Floridian has the skills they need to pursue good paying careers and find their piece of the American Dream right here in Florida. I’m going to put vocational, career and technical education back into middle schools and high schools.”

Democratic Primary for Governor, Gwen Graham:

“Our campaign is building a broad coalition of Floridians to move our state forward. To finally address the affordable housing crisis hurting Florida families, we will need partners and input from many perspectives. I am proud to have earned the Florida Home Builders Association support and look forward to working with them to prioritize affordable housing and ensure responsible growth.”

Republican Primary for Attorney General, Ashley Moody:

“I’m incredibly grateful to receive the support of the Florida Home Builders Association. I look forward to serving as Attorney General and working alongside the over 8,000-member home builders association to ensure we enforce the laws on our books that protect an unsuspecting public against unlicensed and fraudulent actors within the industry. I will work hard to deserve this honor and commend FHBA for their commitment to ensuring Florida remains a prime destination to live and achieve the American Dream.”

Republican Primary for Agriculture Commissioner, Denise Grimsley:

“Florida’s home builders work every day to help Floridians live the American Dream. I am honored to have their support as we pursue a better future for every Floridian through job creation and home ownership. This campaign is about building on the on the success that makes Florida strong and ensuring our tomorrow is even brighter.”


General Election for Chief Financial Officer, Jimmy Patronis:

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of the Florida Home Builder PAC. I appreciate the strong advocacy this organization does for the building industry. We share a vision of fostering a Florida economic environment where families and businesses can prosper through hard work.”

The Florida Home Builders Political Action Committee fights unnecessary fees and seeks ways to stop burdensome regulations.

For further information, please contact:
Allison Finley, Director of Marketing and Communications
Florida Home Builders Association
800.261.9447 | 850.766.1679

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