Master-Planned Community Offers One-of-a-Kind Coving Neighborhood

Viera, Florida has brought a new type of neighborhood to their community with Trasona Cove which was specifically designed by Rick Harrison, International Land Planner, Inventor & Published Author to be the community’s first coved neighborhood. In a conventional neighborhood, streets tend to be a string of straight paths which can lead to a lack of connectivity to the community. “Coving is used as an alternative to conventional urban ‘grid’ and suburban land development layouts in order to enhance curb appeal, eliminate monotony, provide the neighborhood with picturesque winding roadways that slow traffic and enhance street safety,” stated Todd Pokrywa, Senior VP Land Use Planning and Development, The Viera Company. “Roadway lengths can also be reduced by up to 25% when compared to conventional layouts while maintaining similar densities.”

All in all, the winding streets of a coved neighborhood allow for a more meandering drive versus the dreariness often associated with an urban grid pattern. The prioritization of sidewalks and pathways within the neighborhood that connect to the surrounding community are also strong indicators of a coved neighborhood. This style of neighborhood design allows for larger lot areas, more green space and more sidewalk opportunities making the neighborhood more community friendly.

The specific uniqueness of the community’s coving design brings innovation and individuality to Viera and Brevard County. The neighborhoods of Trasona Cove East & West are currently the largest neighborhoods in the State of Florida to be planned with the coving design. Within these neighborhoods there is an extensive trail system which is the first in Florida to have ever been designed before the developer began planning out the land for home sites. Trasona Cove East & West are also known for being the largest coved communities in the world to not only have specifically shaped and designed each home to fit onto a specific lot, but also to have each home on said lot specially designed to offer windows and outdoor space that maximizes the views of the property. This elevated level of merging architecture and planning has never been seen before in any other community.

The master-planned community of Viera is the first in the world and first in Florida to initiate many of these innovative techniques that provide a more environmentally friendly and pedestrian focused community for its residents. “The Viera Company, as master developer, is consistently focused on the overall plan and design of Viera by keeping current on best practices and developments in the field of planning and development,” said Pokrywa.

With over 100 miles of trails throughout Viera, the trail system has had a large impact on Viera’s desirability and is one of the most appreciated amenities of the community. Designing the main trail system first ensures that the trails will continue to interconnect throughout the community unimpeded by development so that residents are able to easily and readily traverse Viera without ever utilizing their vehicles.

“There is a steady focus on innovation, functionality and implementation of smart planning principles in the community’s development,” Pokrywa touted. “Coving is the latest diversification of design that is being implemented in these new Viera residential neighborhoods. The end result of our innovation and introduction of coving is that these neighborhoods become a more interesting environment for our residents to live.”

The Viera Company continues to provide endless innovation and community enhancement to ensure that Viera may continue to be a modern and pioneering community that meets the needs and demands of its residents.