The Opposition To A Smarter Building Code Process Continues

Using the anniversary of Hurricane Andrew, opponents continue to create public hysteria by smearing a smarter Florida Building Code Development Process.

Click here to view the latest interviews by local media outlets, where FHBA President, Jeremy Stewart, and FHBA Chief Executive Officer/Chief Lobbyist, Rusty Payton, defend the new process and how moving forward strengthens Florida’s Building Code.

These are the types of public attacks our legislative friends, supporters, and members, including you on the job site, will face as a result of our legislative success.

We need you to be prepared:

  • Florida is the gold standard in building codes.
  • We need to be in control of our own superior building codes, rather than starting from scratch every three years with an out-of-state base code.
  • The previous process was rife with unnecessary requirements by special interests.

We need your help.

Friends of the building industry in the legislature will continue to fight these opponents and we need to show them that we appreciate the battles they fight on our behalf. Click here to support our legislative friends by giving to the FHB PAC or 1,000 Club.

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