Right-Energy® is Approved

RESNET recently took action against Right-Energy®. As a contractor, the question is can you continue to use Right-Energy® software? In Florida, the Building Commission approves software used to produce an energy rating index, ERI (also known as the old HERS rating) not RESNET. While RESNET may approve software for its use, the FHBA Certified Ratings Program and other providers rely on the Florida Building Commission’s approval of ERI software.

Therefore, Wrightsoft Corporation’s Right-Energy®, as an ERI/HERS rating software, remains approved for use in the Certified Ratings Program. Any recent policy decision by RESNET does not change Right-Energy® as an approved software tool to produce ERI/HERS values as needed by codes, standards, and the Certified Ratings Program.

The following links to software currently approved by the Commission: