Tallahassee BA Member Highlight

Having literally grown up on a construction site, it should come as no surprise that Brandon Jett has become one of the Tallahassee area’s leading custom home builders and remodelers. The owner of Jett Builders, Inc., a company he founded with his wife Maria in 2004, Jett prides himself on quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction – two traits spawning the “word-of-mouth” advertising that fuels his business.

As much as he enjoys building new homes, Jett gets even more pumped over the unique challenges of remodeling. “I approach each job with a certain mindset based on two factors,” said Jett. “One, I want whatever we do to look like it was part of the original home… so seamless, so natural that no one would know if it wasn’t that way from the start. Two, I want to create a customer who will recommend me to their friends and family. If I accomplish those two things, my goals have been achieved.”

While Jett is dedicated to his customers and his business, he’s even more devoted to a higher calling of helping others as an expression of his faith. Through his involvement with RTS Ministries and missionary Greg Shepherd, Jett has put that faith to work by serving alongside members of his church on multiple mission trips to Haiti, which included the construction of churches and orphanages. Throughout his time on mission trips his most rewarding one was in Haiti that included building a new home for a Haitian teenager named Benel and his family.

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