FHBA Workforce Summit to Be Rescheduled

We have received encouraging feedback on the number of legislative visits being scheduled for FHBA’s “Day on the Hill”, Tuesday, February 9th. Many of you, who have made appointments, have expressed disappointment that these visits would not allow you to participate in the Workforce Summit scheduled for that same day as part of our 2016 FHBA Legislative Conference.

The top priority for FHBA members during Legislative Conference is legislative visits. To accommodate our primary mission, the Workforce Summit will be moved to coincide with the 2016 Southeast Building Conference (SEBC) in July! By moving the summit to coincide with SEBC, more of us can participate. FHBA remains committed to working on the workforce issue.

Among the legislative priorities to be discussed with legislators is the creation of an industry based workforce task group. This group, comprised of industry members, will be tasked with making recommendations for future legislative consideration.

We hope to see you all at the 2016 FHBA Legislative Conference February 8-10. Click here to get registered.