Building Code Bill Needs Your Help TODAY!

Ask members of the Senate Community Affairs Committee to VOTE IN FAVOR of SB 704 (BUILDING CODE BILL) and its ALTERNATIVE ENERGY PATHWAY AMENDMENT by Sen. Travis Hutson, which is on the agenda, on TODAY, FEBRUARY 1.

SB 704 reduces red-tape and unnecessary regulation by:

  • Allowing local Fire and Building Code Boards to meet jointly, avoiding unnecessary delays in local interpretations;
  • Reducing the red tape to approve Advance Code Training courses;
  • Keeping blower door testing as optional in lieu of mandating a test which could result in delays and significant expenses for houses with Bonus Rooms;
  • Restoring Zero-lot line and fire separation distances, which pre-empts the need for millions to be spent on replatting prior approved development plans;
  • Allowing phased permitting for large-scale projects; and
  • Addressing building inspector workforce/training needs.

It further protects consumers by extending the construction recovery funds to Class II licensees.

Also ask the Committee to support the bill sponsor’s amendment expediting alternative (optional) energy calculations, which allows for solar and other features to be included.

Contact the Senate Community Affairs Committee before NOON on TODAY, FEBRUARY 1.

Click here to preview a sample email to the Committee. See below for a list of Committee members and their contact information.

Senate Community Affairs Committee

Wilton Simpson, Chair
(850) 487-5018

Jeff Brandes, Vice Chair
(850) 487-5022

Joseph Abruzzo
(850) 487-5025

Rob Bradley
(850) 487-5007

Charles S. ”Charlie” Dean
(850) 487-5005

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla
(850) 487-5040

Travis Hutson
(850) 487-5006

Geraldine F. Thompson
(850) 487-5012