A Message From FHBA President, Scott McCracken

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Happy New Year Florida Home Builders Association. I hope the holiday season filled your heart with joy in the great company of friends and family. From my family to yours, we wish you the best that 2021 has to offer.
As we close out 2020, I think we can all agree it was a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we were struck with COVID-19, creating horrific health issues and lockdowns for our state and country. I’m sure each of us knows someone who has been personally affected by this terrible tragedy. On the other hand, we as a homebuilding industry experienced a banner year in sales and construction.
The latter was due, in no small part, to our FHBA team in Tallahassee ensuring that construction was designated an essential industry by Governor Ron DeSantis. Because of our herculean efforts, we all stayed busy working throughout this pandemic. You may recall, this is in stark contrast to the northeast or west coast, where everything has been shut down and their struggles are multiplied many times over.
Despite lingering uncertainty as we look ahead to 2021, I remain optimistic we will begin returning to “normal.” I continue to hold out hope with the successful distribution of a vaccine, we will begin to experience economic recovery. With that, growth will go up, unemployment will go down, inflation will hold steady and interest rates will remain low, all good news for our industry. Any possible negative effects from the administration change, such as higher taxes or oppressive regulations with the new green deal, will take a year or longer to be implemented, as we all know that the wheels of congress turn slowly.
What does this mean for FHBA? It means, we keep working just as we have all along. Despite sadly not being able to gather in Tallahassee for the Spring Legislative Conference, our team is moving full speed ahead as we enter the first legislative committee week of 2021. To see a complete list of our 2021 legislative priorities, be sure to continue reading below.
Much like our Fall Conference, this year’s Spring Conference will be held via zoom February 17-19, 2021. Be sure to save the date now and tune in for a full update on what to expect when the Florida Legislature convenes for session on March 2.
I am excited to report we are more ready than ever to get together July 14-17 for the 2021 Southeast Building Conference. Our team is working hand in hand with the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center to ensure proper protocols are in place to maintain the wellbeing of all attendees. I am confident in our team’s ability to continue to connect the leaders in our industry with the best companies and suppliers in the Southeast.
So, let’s all stay positive, move forward and make good things happen this coming year. I’m excited to get back to normal and lookf forward to seeing you all at SEBC.
Scott McCracken



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