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Task Force on the Construction Industry Workforce

Created within the building code bill, the Construction Industry Workforce Task Force brings together 22 statewide employer and labor groups to a create consensus path to train the industry’s most import resource: our workforce. There are thousands of needed construction jobs statewide and this task force will address the demand for improved training in order for the construction industry to lead the way in hiring. 

Task Force Objectives
  • Address the critical shortage of individuals trained in building construction and inspection.

  • Develop a consensus path for training the next generation of construction workers in the state.

  • Determine the causes for the current shortage of a trained construction industry workforce and address the impact of the shortages on the recovery of the real estate market.

  • Review current methods and resources available for construction training.

  • Review the state of construction training available in K-12 schools.

  • Address training issues relating to building code inspectors to increase the number of qualified inspectors.

Local Programs