BANCF Member Highlight

Legacy is the Builders Association of North Central Florida’s (BANCF) theme for 2019. This has carried through in our membership and recruitment efforts, member events and governmental affairs work. It started with the Installation of our President, a third generation BANCF President, Jason Robinson . His grandfather, Elwyn Robinson was President in 1970 when the Association had 79 members. His uncle, Tom Robinson was President in 1987 when the Association had 300 members. His dad, Scott Robinson, was the president in 1997 and BANCF had grown to 421 members.

Jason Robinson grew up in the Association. His first memories were at the BANCF fishing tournaments when he was a small child. When his father was installed as president, his family remembers Jason, then 10 years old, saying that he would be up there one day.  He always knew he wanted to be a builder and that he would run the organization one day.

That day came on December 7, 2019 when he was sworn in as the 2019 BANCF President with a membership of over 530 members.His goals include continuing the legacy of past leaders, protecting and strengthening the core values of the Association for future generations.

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