The Bottom Line

The Florida Building Commission (Commission) is currently in the process of developing the sixth edition of the Florida Building Codes (FBC), with the goal of a finish date by December 31, 2017. FBC hearings were conducted in Gainesville over nine days of Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) meetings. This is just the beginning. Additional TAC and Commission meetings will be held over the next year.

While many of the issues of concern to the FHBA were addressed by the 2016 Legislature, the Commission will still need to take action. In addition, there are many issues submitted by the FHBA to be advocated for and code modifications by other groups that will be opposed.

Attached is a detailed report by FHBA code consultant, Joe Belcher, where he covers the various code modifications submitted last year that impact FHBA members.

Issues contained in legislation that need additional FBC action:

  • Zero Lot Line (pg. 9);
  • Fire Separation Tables (pg. 3);
  • Blower Door Testing (pg. 8) and Ventilation Requirement (pg. 17); and
  • Shower Pan Exemption (pg. 20)

FHBA staff also fight against proposed code changes not in our best interest, including:

  • Reaffirming that one-of-a-kind doors can be approved for use (pg. 6);
  • Reaffirming that snow loads and seismic calculations do not become part of the code (pg. 10);
  • Assuring a favorable rewrite of CCCL rules (pg. 14);
  • Fighting off code modifications that limited glazing fenestration to 20% of house space (pg. 16); and
  • Assuring that the proposed ERI path to energy compliance is not modified in a detrimental manner (pg. 18).

For a more in depth review of these issues, click here to read the full report.

Questions? Email Doug Buck, FHBA Director of Governmental Affairs, at or call 850.402.1852.

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