The Bottom Line

Primary Voting, Yeah It Is That Important! 
Before you cast that primary ballot, check out the FHB PAC website. Hover over the county you vote in and click. What will appear is a list of state and national candidates that received some form of support from the federation (Local, State or National).

Though the official primary date is August 30, absentee ballots have been mailed and early voting places in most areas have opened. Are primary elections that important? YEAH! Turn out in primaries is abysmal, less than 20% of the registered voters. Yet, the primary electorate will select winners in at least a dozen Senate seats and 34 House seats. Add up the fact that few registered voters exercise their voting rights during the primaries and the number of seats which are practically decided during the primary, the calculation suggests your vote counts a lot.

Use the primary voting power for the good of the building industry. The issues we face are important—reforming worker’s compensation, bringing sanity to the building code development process, and controlling runaway local fees. The candidates listed on the FHBPAC website have been vetted by National, State and Local Leaders. Electing these supported candidates gives us the best shot to be successful.


Bottom Line: Whether you mail in an absentee ballot, partake in early voting, or cast a ballot on primary Election Day, just vote. As a member of FHBA, support those candidates who are recommended by the Builder’s Association Federation.

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