The Bottom Line

I am pleased to announce that FHBA had great success backing pro-building candidates during the 2016 election – 94% of all FHBA supported candidates won!

Of the 25 races at play in the Florida Senate during the general election, FHBA supported 17 and lost 2 giving FHBA a winning percent of 88 in the Senate.  The 2 losses were Dean Asher (SD-13) and Miguel Diaz de la Portilla (SD-37). Key victories included FHBA member Keith Perry (SD-8), Dana Young (SD-18) and Frank Artilles (SD-40).  Democrats netted one seat in the Florida Senate. Republicans still control with a 25-15 advantage.

Of the 78 races at play in the Florida House during the general election, FHBA supported 35 and lost 1 giving FHBA a winning percent of 97 in the House.  The 1 loss was a pro-business Democratic incumbent, Amanda Murphy (HD-36), who narrowly lost to Republican Amber Mariano.  In the final analysis, Republicans only lost a net of two seats, maintaining strong control of the lower chamber by a margin of 79-41.

Most encouraging are the 11 members of the Florida Legislature who themselves are FHBA members or work for FHBA member firms.

FHBA members now serving in the Senate include:
Doug Broxson (SD-1)
Travis Hutson (SD-7)
Keith Perry (SD-8)
Tom Lee (SD-20)
Kevin Rader (SD-29)

FHBA members now serving in the House include:
Frank White (HD-2)
Jayer Williamson (HD-3)
Stan McClain (HD-23)
Blaise Ingoglia (HD-35)
Jackie Toledo (HD-60)
Michael Grant (HD-75)

FHBA was only successful in this year’s elections due to the hard work of its Political Action Committee, the FHB PAC and the 1000 Club. FHB PAC improved its contribution total by over 115%, compared to the prior 2-year campaign cycle. Overall contributions totaled $247,000.

For the sake of enhancing our relevancy in the halls of the Capitol, our goal is to double FHB PAC contributions to $500,000 for the next 2-year election cycle. FHB PAC Board members, comprised of two FHBA members from each membership area in Florida, are charged with raising $5,000 in their respective areas. Ways in which this will be accomplished is through 1,000 Club memberships, local fundraising tournaments, and an assortment of other ideas.

However, they can’t reach this lofty goal alone. We need your help. Click here to join the 1,000 Club today and make our next election cycle 100% successful!