Updated: Constitutional Revision Commission Considering Employment Verification

The FHBA, along with a substantial number of business interests, have taken a position of opposition to an issue being considered by the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC). Specifically amendment 6010 – Employment Verification. This amendment would place a burden on all business to verify the citizenship status of each employee and is being considered this week by the CRC. Click here to learn more.

Update as of April 17, 2018:
We have been monitoring and working with likeminded groups to protect our interests at the Constitutional Revision Commission (CRC) meetings. They adjourned yesterday, forwarding eight proposals to be placed on the 2018 General Election Ballot. The bottom line: We were successful.

Three main issues caught our attention:

  1. Early on, there was a movement which allowed virtually anyone standing to sue for harm to the environment, harm being defined to broadly that even aesthetics could be an issue for suing. The proposal was eventually defeated in committee
  2. Requiring e-verification in the pre-employment screening process and even specifying with great detail how the state would audit compliance. The proposal was eventually defeated by a vote of the full commission.
  3. An Ethics package which included a provision which impaired the ability of contractors and other professionals  who serve as elected officials on local, county and state entities from performing ordinary duties (such as pulling permits) on behalf of normal paying customers. The provision was amendment and corrected.

Upon an initial glance, the commission did not adopt anything aimed directly at the Home Builders. Stay tuned to FHBA publications and meetings for more education on what did pass, but for now take pride in the fact we were able to address the concerns which directly impacted our economic stability.


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