CSI & FBA Announce Partnership Supporting the Future of the Construction Industry

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Tampa Bay and Future Builders of America (FBA) today announced the integration between the two organizations. With the goal of using CSI educational and financial resources to nurture the future development of construction related educational programs for students at the high school level, CSI Tampa Bay has partnered with FBA and designating FBA as primary benefactor of organizational resources.

CSI Tampa Bay has been working regionally since 1969 as an Organization dedicated to advancing building information management and education of project teams to improve facility performance. Because of the natural symbiotic relationship between CSI Tampa Bay’s goal of improving the building envelope and FBA’s goal of nurturing young creative minds to realize their career potential within the construction industry, Larry Stephen, President of CSI Tampa Bay stated, “We can’t think of a better way to use our resources as architects, designers, specifiers, and manufacturers to benefit the future of the construction industry than to work to encourage high school students to consider our industry as a career path. “

As the Green Building initiative has taken the construction industry in the direction of more detailed specification for products from exterior walls to interior and exterior mechanicals, and everything in between, the industry as a whole is realizing the need for a new, more specialized level of education and training for what will be the upcoming workforce.

FBA President, Suzanne Graham, stated “We are thrilled to know FBA will have the full support of CSI Tampa Bay as we work to expand the reach of this organization into high schools around the State. It’s important for kids to know there is so much more to this industry than using a hammer.”

CSI Tampa Bay is proud to announce their first initiative toward supporting FBA’s efforts by designating FBA as benefactor of the annual CSI Tampa Bay Charity Golf Tournament, held at Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club on November 14, 2016. Funds raised will go to providing students the opportunity to attend the FBA Summer Leadership Summit 2016. The camp consists of a variety of classes and activities for high school students interested in exploring career opportunities in the construction industry.

For more information on educational and sponsorship opportunities for FBA through CSI Tampa Bay, please contact Natasha Carter, President of Robert Nash & Associates at 727-557-8276 or via email at Natasha@robertnashandassociates.com.

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