FHBA Family Mourns Passing of Past President Paul Mashburn

Orlando home builder Paul Mashburn passed away July 1, 2018, leaving behind an impressive legacy of leadership in the history of the Florida Home Builders Association. Intensely involved in the work of FHBA for over 40 years, Mashburn held every key position and won every major honor in his tireless efforts on behalf of the association and industry he loved. He served with distinction as FHBA President in 1984 and went on to win the Florida Builder of the Year Award (1986), induction into the Florida Housing Hall of Fame for career contributions to the industry (1993), and the Dick Baker Award for courage in the face of adversity (2010). After his successful building career, the University of Florida graduate reinvented himself as an industry educator, teaching hundreds of continuing education classes to builders around the state. He was also involved at the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), where he earned Senior Life Director status and was instrumental in creation of the University of Housing, an educational initiative to provide training to builders and their allied professionals. He also won many friends and admirers for his courageous battle against cancer, wearing his “Cancer Sucks” button and offering encouragement to those fighting life’s challenges. He is survived by a loving family, including wife Suzi, his high school sweetheart from their home town of Daytona Beach, and two daughters Kathi and Jeri.