FHBA and NAHB Encourage You to Vote This Election Season

With the 2016 Primary Election Cycle now behind us, FHBA is pleased to announce that 17 out of 19 FHB PAC supported candidates won. Although one of our losing candidates was Wayne Harris in HD-4, FHB PAC split its support in that position, where the winner, Mel Ponder, was also a supported candidate.

We are extremely proud of the five FHBA members won their primary elections! In the Senate, Doug Broxson, the Republican victor in SD-1, has only write-in competition for the general election. Kevin Radar, a Democrat was elected to serve in SD-29. Meanwhile in the House, Jayer Williamson, a Republican and electrician was elected to serve in HD-3. The final FHBA victors from last night, Republican Jackie Toledo in HD-60, and Reggie Fullwood the Democrat incumbent in HD-13, face opposition in the general election.

Click here to view supported FHBA candidates in the general elections in your county.

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