Five BMAPs and Associated Septic Tank Rules Delayed!

Five BMAPs and Associated Septic Tank Rules Delayed!

Earlier this month, FHBA sent every FHBA member a reminder that new Septic Tank regulations delayed for six months by us would become effective on January 4th. In retrospect, we should have qualified the statement with a disclaimer that these provisions would become effective assuming no one proffers a further challenge.

The Florida Springs Council officially challenged 5 of the Basin Area Management Plans (BMAPs). The five challenged BMAPs are:

  1. Santa Fe River
  2. Silver Springs and Rainbow Springs
  3. Suwannee River
  4. Volusia Blue Springs
  5. Wekiwa and Rock Springs

The practical effect to Home Builders, the new Septic requirements in those areas have been delayed. For how long the delay will last is undetermined, and depends upon the actions of the presiding judge.

To help determine which areas are impacted by the challenges, click here. If in doubt about a particular area, please contact your local department of health.

Stay tuned to FHBA publications for updated information as it occurs.