Florida Home Builders Association Honors Representative Donalds, Champion of Housing

For Immediate Release:

The Florida Home Builders Association honored State Representative Byron Donalds with its Champion of Housing Award, a recognition awarded by over 8,000 FHBA members across the state. Selected by industry leaders, the award honors legislators who have shown exemplary service for enhancing the building industry in Florida.

The award was presented to Representative Donalds on Thursday, August 1, during the Southeast Building Conference in Kissimmee, FL.

Representative Donalds sponsored HB 207, the Impact Fee Reform bill. The bill codified a series of case law, which was often ignored by local governments. The bill requires that an impact fee must only be used to offset the actual impact of development and that the local government must specifically earmark funds collected under the impact fee for use in acquiring, constructing, or improving capital facilities to benefit new users.

“Representative Donalds understands how excessive impact fees affects housing affordability.” said Rusty Payton, FHBA CEO/Chief Lobbyist. “Too often, local governments ignore case law and use impact fees to offset costs, which have nothing to do with new construction. HB 207 clearly spells out the rule – if it is not a capital expense that is impacted by the new house, you cannot collect the impact fee.”

Established in 1949, the Florida Home Builders Association is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Florida’s local/regional homebuilder associations. FHBA, along with its affiliates, work to create the best possible economic and regulatory environment for members to succeed.

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