Florida is #1 in Home Safety

We should be proud!

According to the recently published Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS), Florida ranks number one when compared to 18 states most likely to experience catastrophic weather conditions along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

The IBHS report focuses on evidence supporting strong, enforced building codes that reduce loss and facilitate recovery. Florida was a significant standout in the report, as “homes along the path of Hurricane Irma that were built to strong, modern building codes sustained less damage than weaker structures built to pre-Hurricane Andrew provisions.”

Florida is the gold standard when it comes to building codes. As a result, and as reported in the Orlando Sentinel, we prioritized Florida-specific regulations during the 2017 legislative session while still adhering to internationally recognized standards. Even though rejections toward this recent shift in code prioritization continue, as noted in last week’s Bloomberg article, it is obvious that Florida continues to be the leader in building code safety.

Well done, Florida.

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