Home Builders Winning Advocacy Effort on Display Last Night

Wow! What a night to be watching election results. With Ron DeSantis winning the race for Governor, a sweep of the Florida Cabinet with FHB PAC endorsed candidates, a solid conservative majority leading the Florida House, and, at best, the Democrats flipping one State Senate seat (more on that below), the political climate remains positive for checking local governments and maintaining a strong economy for the construction industry. 

Key races for FHBA involved incumbent Senators and FHBA members Keith Perry, a Republican out of Gainesville, and Tom Lee, a Republican from the Tampa area survived spirited opposition. Senator Dana Young, sponsor of last year’s impact fee bill, was not successful in her re-election bid against House Democratic Leader Janet Cruz. 

In the Florida House, Democrats netted 6 seats, not near enough to dethrone Republican control of the Chamber. Three incumbent House members endorsed by FHB PAC lost: Shawn Harrison (HD-63); Bobby Olszewski (HD-44) and Bob Cortes (HD-30). 

We are fortunate to have a eight FHBA members win re-election to the State Legislature. They include Senator Tom Lee, Senator Keith Perry, Representative Stan McClain, Representative Blaise Ingoglia, Representative Jackie Toledo, Representative Jason Fisher, Representative Paul Renner and Representative Jayer Williamson. 

Additionally, three FHBA members were elected to open seats in the Florida House including Wyman Duggan from the Northeast Florida BA, Toby Overdorf from the Treasure Coast BA and Will Robinson from the Manatee-Sarasota BIA. Meanwhile, we welcome FHBA members Ben Albritton from the Charlotte-DeSoto BIA and Joe Gruters from the Manatee-Sarasota BIA to the Florida Senate.  

In total, 66 FHB PAC Endorsed candidates appeared on the ballot last night. Sixty one (92%) won their election. 

All but one of the proposed ballot initiatives were approved. Amendment 1, expanding the state’s Homestead Exemption failed. FHBA recommended a NO vote on Amendment 1. Meanwhile, Amendment 2, continuing the cap on non-homestead properties, passed. FHBA recommended a YES vote on Amendment 2. Also note, the passage of Amendment 10 means the legislature will now convene in January in both odd and even numbered years (beginning in 2020). 

NAHB supported candidates fared well last night. NAHB supported 10 Congressional candidates, 9 of whom were successful. The slate of winning NAHB Endorsed Candidates includes Greg Steube, a member of the Manatee-Sarasota BIA. Rick Scott is the endorsed U.S. Senate candidate, he is ahead in the vote count, likely headed towards a recount. 

These results are not yet final and a few recounts may occur. Rick Scott’s victory is likely pending a recount. Though final vote tallies could change the narrative and force recounts in two other races. Matt Caldwell is ahead in the Agriculture Commission race and Senator Dana Young in District 18 barely lags behind leader Cruz. It takes .5% for an automatic recount in Florida and seldom does a recount result in significant changes to the vote tally. 

To view how all contested FHB PAC supported and NAHB candidates faired, click here

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