How Should Florida Adopt Its Building Code – The Debate Continues

The debate on how the building code is adopted continues. The next several FBC meetings will address how future codes are adopted (starting with the 7th edition). The next new code (6th edition) is basically completed, and although it was a complicated, long process, the resulting code changes actually enhance storm resiliency without adding a bunch of unnecessary changes artificially driving up the cost of a house. However,  building officials, the ICC,  architects  and others remain critical of the process and are proposing a methodology making it easier to incorporation the model ICC (click here to view the joint letter by BOAF, Architects, the ICC and others). In essence, their changes will overturn what the FHBA advocated for a few years ago. On the other hand, the FHBA letter suggest a few tweaks to simply streamline the new process (click here to view FHBA’s Letter to the Florida Building Commission).

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