Introducing 2018 FHBA President, Greg Matovina

Thank you, as an FHBA member, for giving me the opportunity to serve as your president this upcoming year. It is truly an honor. To give you a little bit of my history, for over twenty-five years, I have worked in the housing development industry and as a licensed real estate broker and certified public accountant. My focus has been and always will be the greater well-being of Florida’s citizens and communities; where homes must be safe, strong, and affordable.

This is also the focus of FHBA.

To guarantee that our goals for the industry are achieved, members of the FHBA must be keenly aware of the issues that lay ahead of us, secure the good work we’ve accomplished thus far, and be engaged at all levels of membership.

Last year, your president, Jeremy Stewart, senior officers, volunteers, and FHBA staff worked diligently to ensure the Florida Building Code (FBC) remained a gold standard in construction by changing the process of approving new and proposed codes to be incorporated into the FBC – a process intended to strengthen, not weaken the code and increase, rather than sacrifice safety. This year, we will continue to improve on this victory by working with the Florida Building Commission to implement this change, while maintaining our commitment to build safe structures for families.

Our victories in the legislature are a direct result of your involvement in your local, state, and national Home Builders Associations (HBA). We thank you for acting upon our requests to contact your representatives, asking them to support builder and homeowner-friendly legislation. This year, we will undoubtedly need your help again. It is your voice that makes the difference and secures our success for the industry.

To sincerely impact how homes are built and your business is run, you must be an active part of this great organization.  I urge you to take an active role in your membership through either volunteering at your local HBA or expressing industry concerns to your Area President, Area Vice President, Executive Officer, FHBA staff, or directly to me.

Again, thank you for this opportunity to serve you. I look forward to working to improve the economic environment of building in Florida and am optimistic we will be successful in securing safe, strong, and affordable homes for our communities.

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