Marion BIA Hosts FHBA Leaders

Last Wednesday, FHBA visited the Marion County Building Industry Association for the first in person meeting following the 2020 Legislative Session.  President Michael Bourré provided an update on SEBC Reimagined and what to look forward to in 2021. Rusty Payton provided an update on FHB PAC and how the state association navigated the essential services definition with the Governor’s Office.  Further, Dane Bennett followed with updates on the 2020 Legislative Session, including HB 1339 – “Community Affairs” by Rep. Yarborough (championed in the Senate by Senator Hutson), which was presented to the Governor for signature on Tuesday, May 26th.  The Governor has until June 10th to act on the bill. HB 1339:

  • Requires local governments that adopt “linkage fees” on residential or mixed-use housing to fully offset all costs to the developer;
  • Authorizes local governments the ability to approve affordable housing on any parcel zoned for residential, commercial, or industrial use;
  • Requires local government to provide impact fee reporting in their annual financial audit to the Department of Financial Services; and
  • Limits local building code enforcement agencies from auditing private building inspector providers to four times a month.

Lastly, Michael Bourré and Rusty Payton personally thanked Representative Stan McClain for all of his dedication and hard work during the 2020 Legislative Session. Specifically congratulating him on his legislative victory, SB 410 (HB 203), Growth Management, which includes critical provisions to home building and development in the State of Florida.

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