Post Hurricanes: Next Steps To Access Rebuild Resources

FHBA’s Rusty Payton and Doug Buck were appointed to the State of Florida Emergency Response Housing Task Force; activated in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. The Disaster Housing Program provides for functional repair of damaged homes as well as financial and direct assistance for temporary housing. Resources ultimately to be made available depend upon completed FEMA damage assessments, which at the time of writing this article have not yet been released. The University of Florida has released the preliminary code analysis which indicates that new homes continue to fair much better than older homes. Reported damage to single family dwellings could have been more substantial had the hurricane’s center drifted in a westward direction. To view the Preliminary Field Investigation of Damage Caused by Hurricane Matthew, click here.

We will continue to provide additional information, including county-by-county damage assessments, as soon as they are available.

Questions? Contact Douglas Buck, Director of Governmental Affairs, at 850.402.1852 or email