President’s Report: Join Us at the FHBA Legislative Conference

It is important that we, FHBA members, attend the FHBA Day on the Hill (Tuesday, March 28) in large numbers during our 2017 Legislative Conference next week. FHBA is working on legislation changing the way the Florida adopts a new building code. In lieu of using the ICC code as the base to build from, SB 7000 and HB 901 establish Florida’s code at the base requiring the Building Commission to pull items relevant to Florida from the most recent ICC. A simple plan in theory providing more transparency to proposed changes and enhancing accountability.

Yet, SB 7000 and HB 901 detractors are numerous and vocal. Building Officials, the International Code Council, architects, engineers, flood plain mangers, insurance companies, and others have mounted a vocal opposition campaign. We asked our lobbyists to pursue this legislation, and boy have they. SB 7000 cleared its first two committees unanimously in spite of opposition lobbying. They have met with every stakeholder willing to talk and lobbied any and every legislator and staff person willing to listen.

It’s time of us to do our job. We must show up in large numbers and remind legislators that we are the ones who work with the consumer. We are the ones who must bring all the triannual code changes together and create a marketable product. We are the ones pressured to build affordable housing.

By showing up and walking the halls of the Capitol next Tuesday, March 28, we remind legislators that our committed lobbying team represents voters from back home. When they see Rusty, Doug, and Kari, make them understand they represent YOU.

Click here to register for the 2017 Legislative Conference and see you in Tallahassee next Tuesday!