Sadowski Housing Applauds Florida Senate & House

The Sadowski Housing Coalition applauded the Florida Senate and House of Representatives for coming to a compromise on affordable housing, recommending that $214.1 million be appropriated from Florida’s housing trust funds toward affordable housing.

“The Sadowski Coalition applauds the Senate and House for coming to a compromise that appropriates $214.1 million from Florida’s housing trust funds toward affordable housing,” said Jaimie Ross, facilitator of the Sadowski Coalition, and president and CEO of the Florida Housing Coalition. “We also thank both chambers for including more than $5.2 million for homeless and other housing projects.”

“With reports showing that Florida has more than 920,000 very low-income households and the largest share of renters – 31 percent – who spend more than half of their income on housing, this funding compromise comes at an important time,” continued Ross. “It’s time to use Florida’s housing trust funds for the benefit of Floridians in need of a home, including hardworking families, the elderly, veterans and disabled Floridians living on fixed incomes.”

“We look forward to working with members of the Legislature to ensure that this funding level remains intact and ultimately passes as part of the Fiscal Year 2016-17 budget,” concluded Ross.

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