Special Message from FHBA President

There are a lot of well-deserved high fives, accolades and appreciation flowing from the passage of the code bill, CS/CS/CS/HB 535. As much as I want to join the celebration, we must first cross over the goal line and finish the game.

Both the House and Senate approved the 2016 Building Code Bill, but it now must avoid the Governor’s Veto pen. Click here to e-mail the Governor and ask him to support CS/CS/CS/HB 535.

Other veto requests are likely. During the committee process, representatives from the Fire Marshals and Inspectors Association testified in opposition to the bill’s provisions, which revert the fire wall separation and zero lot line provisions to the standards placed in effect 9 months ago. Their opposition persisted even though no evidence was presented that Florida had a problem. To them, costs, even in the face of unjustified regulation, is never a consideration. As the Senate prepared for final passage of the bill, a group identified as the Home Ventilating Institute launched a modest social media campaign in opposition to the bill. Fortunately, our elected Representatives and Senators saw the value in our position of less regulation and home affordability!

I am fearful that, if left unchallenged, pleas from these and other similar groups could result in a veto. FHBA’s professional staff have met with the Governor’s Office and reviewed the bill section by section. FHBA CEO/Chief Lobbyist, Rusty Payton and I, as President, co-authored a letter officially registering the FHBA’s support of CS/CS/HB 535. Now we need your help! As individual members of FHBA, we must drown out the voices of those who seek the continuation of unnecessary regulation under the guise of “public safety.” Click here and e-mail the Governor today!