Statement from Florida Home Builders Association about Governor Rick Scott’s Signature of HB 1021

On behalf of more than 8,000 builder and trade partner members of the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA), we want to thank Governor Scott for signing Construction Bill, HB 1021, into law.

With the Governor’s signature, this law will help Florida’s building codes remain strong, and protect Florida families by allowing our state to refine its own building code without the intrusion of out-of-state interests.

“Safe homes are built with the understanding, compliance, and enforcement of relevant standards and state-specific codes,” said FHBA President, Jeremy Stewart of Crestview. “Strong homes are built through the adherence to code with continuing education and training, and through inspections. Signing this bill helps Florida families stay safe in their homes.”

Without this new law, the Florida Building Commission (FBC) would be required to scrap Florida’s strong code every three years and rebuild it using model codes that are not unique to Florida’s climate and coastline.

The new law will provide the FBC with necessary processes to study the utility and costs of new products before mandating they be used in new construction, tempering the rising costs of construction and keeping Florida’s strong building code intact.

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