The Bottom Line

As we enter the last week of the 2016 Legislative Session, issues look promising for the FHBA’s Legislative Agenda. These successes would not have been possible without the 1,000 Club. The 1,000 Club now accounts for nearly 50% of the PACs annual budget. Make no mistake, our ability to navigate both parties and four leadership teams were enhances with the growth of the 1,000 Club. Thank you to all 1,000 Club members.

The water bill, which passed early on in the session, takes a reasonable, scientific locally controlled approach to addressing springs degradation. Not only that, but the code bill appears headed for passage. The code bill now provides for another year delay in mandatory blower door testing, establishes reasonable standards for the testing, and expands on who can conduct the tests to include HVAC contractors. It also reverts the unjustified, costly changes to the zero-lot line and fire wall issues to the previous code. And yes, it establishes the workforce task group. Funding for Sadowski funds were agreed upon at $135 million (much improved upon from the original House position) and unlicensed activity funding appears headed for stout funding.

We will not succeed in getting all of our wishes. Legislation to clarify when the statue of repose begins to toll never received a Senate hearing. Likewise, legislation establishing a hard cap on estopple fees appears dead. Overall, FHBA appears headed for a favorable conclusion to the 2016 Legislative Session.

Bottom Line: The anticipated successful conclusion of the 2016 Session would not be possible without the 1,000 Club. Our challenge, however, remains. We are heading into the 2016 election cycle with half of what it takes to be a relevant player in Tallahassee. Help us succeed with bigger, bolder initiatives. Click here to join the 1,000 Club now!