Worker’s Compensation Reform Update

This past week the Florida House of Representatives passed a meaningful worker’s compensation bill, HB 7085 by Rep. Danny Burgess. HB 7085 will result in significant savings rolling back a large portion of this year’s 14.5 percent increase plaguing the industry. More importantly, the bill will curb future increases, which if left unchecked could be as much as an additional 20 percent or more.

FHBA is part of the larger coalition fighting for meaningful reform. The FHBA and other members of the coalition sent a letter to Rep. Danny Burgess thanking him for his efforts. Click here to read the letter.

Meanwhile, the Senate continues moving its bill, SB 1582 by Sen. Rob Bradley. The National Council on Compensation Insurance suggests the Senate bill will only provide a few percentage points in rate savings. FHBA and our coalition partners will continue pushing the Senate to incorporate more cost saving provisions in its worker’s compensation reform package.

Stay tuned to FHBA publications for more updates on this important issue.

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