Big Victory for FHBA: Years of Effort By Staff

For over five years, FHBA has worked to develop a less expensive alternative to mechanical based onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems through research and a scientific approach. Our hard work has paid off.

In December, the Technical Review and Advisory Panel (TRAP) of the Department of Health, the governing body who establishes how septic tanks are installed, announced a new rule affecting the design of onsite sewage treatment and disposal systems.

This rule, supported by TRAP Chair, Ken Odum, and Vice Chair, Roy Pence, both of whom are FHBA members, allows for less expensive alternatives to costly mechanical systems. This is especially critical in areas of the state undergoing the Basin Management Action Plan (BMAP). The rule is now available to those BMAP efforts and will reduce the cost of the mandate to install more efficient systems.

Reducing the cost of required mechanical systems that achieve specified lower nitrogen standards in environmentally sensitive areas was critical to builders in designated BMAP areas. With the passage of 2016’s Water Bill, each area of the state with a major spring impacted by onsite septic disposal is required to undergo a remediation plan. A complete explanation of the new onsite remediation process is explained here.

The FHBA advocacy program extends beyond the legislative arena. We continually monitor regulatory actions impacting home building.

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