Septic Tanks, Focus of Upcoming Legislation

FHBA, through its many years addressing the reoccurring issue of septic tanks, has worked amicably with governing bodies to determine the best course of action that will improve Florida’s water quality while allowing for home building to continue. However, we already have a sense of a fight that is brewing among our long-standing opposition.

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, the Senate Agriculture, Environment and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee met to review issues for the quickly approaching 2019 Legislative Session. Priority #1, it seems, is water quality.

During the meeting, a presentation was made from Florida Atlantic University stating Florida’s septic tank systems should take precedence over any other water quality concerns. Click here to watch the presentation, here for a copy, or here for a summary of the event.

FHBA will continue to keep you updated on the progress of these meetings, and how you can help support our efforts during the 2019 Legislative Session. Stay tuned!