2018 Proposed Building Code Amendments – Webinar Review

The FHBA webinar held May 9 & 10 on the 2018 Proposed Building Code Amendments was a hit! In case you missed it, where FHBA’s building code expert, Joe Belcher, and Director of  Governmental Affairs, Douglas Buck, covered the upcoming amendments to the code cycle, and offered an overview of the newly established amendment approval process – no worries.

Click here to locate the items referenced. Of note, members will  need to log in using their FHBA Username and Password. Items can be found under “Issues by Category” and then “Building Codes”.

Questions about logging in to fhba.com? Email info@fhba.com or call 800.261.9447.

Questions about the 2018 Proposed Building Code Amendments? Contact Joe Belcher at Joe@jdbcodeservices.com.

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