2019 Associate Appreciation Month

2019 Associate Appreciation Month

As we begin the month of September…Football season begins, we all begin to think Fall Season is right around the corner and the upcoming Holiday’s that will be here before we know it and September also is the National Association of Home Builders, Associate Member Appreciation Month.

The Associate Members of the National Association of Home Builders, Florida Home Builders Association and the Local Chapters are vital to the success of the Construction Industry and our economy.  Your membership dues, sponsorship and volunteerism within the Federation lets us do what needs to be done to create legislation and control burdensome regulations.  It helps us grow in size to have the voice that is needed to be heard by Legislators and others that need to hear our message.

I am PROUD to be an Associate Member and hope that YOU too will stand tall when you attend your next General Membership Meeting, Board Meeting or event and don’t be afraid to use your voice to be heard – we have earned it!

THANK YOU for being a Member and look forward to the continued support of the Construction Industry by the Associate Membership!

Our Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Home Builders said it well in his Associate Appreciation message here.

– Rick Ilmberger – FHBA 2nd Vice President (Charlotte Desoto BIA)