E-mail Governor DeSantis to Support HB 7103 and Rein-In Local Government Abuses

The FHBA enjoyed a very successful 2019 Legislative Session. As part of HB 7103, we passed language reining-in local government abuses with respect to impact fees, inclusionary zoning, private inspectors, delayed permitting and other issues.

Now, the fate of HB 7103 lies in the hands of Governor DeSantis.

The Governor is being pressured to veto HB 7103. The pressure stems from three provisions:

  • The provision requiring local governments to make developers whole when mandating inclusionary zoning is being opposed by Affordable Housing Advocates;
  • The provision reining the practice of local governments double charging for private inspection services and over-auditing is opposed by the Building Officials Association of Florida;
  • The provision requiring attorney fees be awarded to the prevailing party for actions alleging a local government failed to abide by its comp plan is being opposed by 1,000 Friends of Florida and other environmental Groups.

While portions of a bill cannot be vetoed – meaning, the issues in the bill that would cause a veto cannot be targeted while leaving the remaining bill intact. Any veto for whatever expressed reason would apply to the entire bill.

It is time the Governor hears from us.

We are the industry that has to absorb the costs of mandates, fees and delays as we build, market and sell our homes and products. The opposition is e-mailing him and we need show how important this bill is to our industry.

Though Governor DeSantis has yet to receive the bill for action, it is important we act now. Many times, the decision on whether or not to support is made prior to the bill actually being presented to the Governor.

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