FHBA 2nd Vice President Speech from SEBC

After attending our summer conference for FHBA at the Southeast Builders Conference, I received some requests regarding the Associate Member numbers I provided in my 2nd VP speech.  Below are the numbers of Associates only. There are no Builders or Affiliates included and are numbers I received from Florida Home Builders Association & the National Association of Home Builders as of June 30, 2019

FHBA Associate Members are a vital component of the Association. Associates consist of manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and more.

Associate Members not only support their local associations but represent members at state and national levels as well. They are strong supporters of their local and state PACS and BUILD PAC.

They volunteer on committees, attend meetings, sponsor and participate in events. They forge new business relationships thru networking and work hard to encourage others to become members. That not only increases our membership but also our non-dues revenue.

While Associate Members businesses may vary, the one thing they have in common, is that they – like you, support the building industry.

By supporting the building industry, Associate Members are strengthening this association there by increasing the value of not only their membership but yours.

Stats as of June 30…

  • FHBA has 8246 members of which 5349 are Associate members. THAT MEANS 65% OF FHBA ARE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS!
  • 37% of FHBA PAC 1000 Club are Associate members
  • 55% of the FBA Founders Circle are Associate members
  • On the National level, 30% of NAHB Build Pac donations are from Associate members
  • NAHB has 135,775 members of which 82,445 are Associate members. THAT MEANS 61% OF NAHB ARE ASSOCIATE MEMBERS!

These stats show that Associate members matter to this Association and the  Building Industry. I am proud to not only represent the Associate Members but to BE an Associate member.

I encourage you to do business with our Associate Members!

As always, Thank You for being a Member and I am only a phone call or email away if I can be of assistance!

Rick Ilmberger
Suncoast Glass & Mirror, Inc.
18350 Paulson Dr., Unit D-1
Port Charlotte, FL  33954

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