Hurricane Preparedness and Resources

While the exact track and strength of Hurricane Dorian are uncertain, you should begin now preparing construction sites.

Here are some suggested Jobsite Guidelines for Hurricane Preparedness:

  1. Approximately 60-48 hours prior to hurricane landfall, postpone delivery of building materials to all jobsites except any you may need to secure a site from storm damage.
  2. As a hurricane’s direction and force intensifies within 48-24 hours before landfall:
    • Stop all construction activity
    • Activate your hurricane jobsite plan
    • Notify your subcontractors to help you secure the jobsite
  3. Jobsite preparation and protection tips:
    • Give priority attention to those located in populated areas
    • Confirm batteries are reliable in all important equipment and tools, including cell phones
    • Fill up gas tanks in work and personal vehicles
    • Take photos of valuables that cannot leave the jobsite
    • Clean up all construction debris
    • Tie or band together all loose plywood and lumber
    • Secure other loose building materials
    • Remove your permit board and all jobsite signage
    • Turn off electricity, water, and gas
    • Portable toilet recommended options: Remove, or Secure to sturdy structures and/or weight them down, secure the doors to keep closed
  4. Advise your subcontractors to leave and not return to the jobsite until the hurricane threat has passed. Let your subcontractors know who will be contacting them after the hurricane passes.
  5. During the final 24 hours prior to hurricane landfall, go home to prepare your family and personal property.

You can also access natural disaster resources through NAHB online.



Any question on preparation or protection, contact your local Emergency Management offices now, before an emergency occurs.

Click here to download the County Emergency Managers map with contact information.





Once the rebuilding phase of the Dorian aftermath begins, consumers will be prompted to seek assistance from licensed, reputable contractors. The FHBA worked with other construction related partners to establish The Disaster Contractors Network, which is a popular resource for Floridians to find available contractors following a hurricane. If you wish to be listed on the Disaster Constructors Network, click here to register.

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