Fixing Florida’s Affordable Housing Crisis Requires More Than Sadowski Funding


Fixing Florida’s Affordable Housing Crisis Requires More Than Sadowski Funding

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – December 9, 2019: As the Sadowski Housing Coalition gathers today urging legislators to restore the intended purpose of the Housing Trust Fund, the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA) reminds local governments and other affordable housing advocates that fixing Florida’s affordable housing crisis requires a multipronged approach, including reducing local government exactions and regulations.

Created more than 25 years ago with the full support of FHBA, the William E. Sadowski Affordable Housing Trust Fund was intended to ensure that local and state housing programs across Florida have a dedicated source of revenue by way of an increase to the state’s documentary stamp tax.

“While using all state and local Housing Trust Fund monies for housing in FY20-21 is one tool to address the affordable housing crisis here in Florida, it is imperative that we examine the root causes of a steady increase in housing costs,” said FHBA President, Michael Bourré. “We urge our fellow coalition members to join us in addressing these issues.”

“It’s time we look at the burdensome fees and extended waiting periods enacted by local governments and be honest about the negative impacts they have on the rising cost of housing in our state,” said Bourré.

FHBA has long stood arm –in- arm with the Sadowski Coalition to achieve the goal of returning these affordable housing dollars to their intended use and full funding of the Housing Trust Fund is an FHBA priority for the 2020 Legislative Session.

“It is impossible to support affordable housing while levying thousands of dollars in impact fees or spending impact fees on non-infrastructure items,” continued Bourré. “Local regulations and exactions artificially increase the cost of housing. For example, applying new impact fee increases to permits already applied for, delaying the permitting process, maintaining excess permit fee balances, having onerous zoning regulations, dictating architectural controls are all direct impacts on the decline of affordable housing in Florida.”

The FHBA looks forward to Affordable Housing advocates’ support of bills proposed during the 2020 Legislative Session, such as HB637/SB1066 and HB459/SB954. These bills will rein in many of the cost-driving policies enacted by local governments.

Established in 1947, the Florida Home Builders Association is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and Florida’s local/regional homebuilder associations. FHBA, along with its affiliates, work to create the best possible economic and regulatory environment for members to succeed.

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