It’s All About the Drive…

…and friendly competition.

This October 15-16, 2019, your local HBA is gearing up for some serious membership recruitment action. There will be phone calls made, emails sent, one-on-one outreach – all in the name of achieving a member goal and securing the ability to continue to advocate on the building industry’s behalf.

Each local HBA is in a friendly competition with 23 other locals around the state. And, each have determined their own target member recruitment goals.

FHBA will be your cheerleader, where each day of the drive we will post announcements on Facebook and encourage participating local HBAs to proclaim their benchmarks to the masses.

As an incentive to achieve member goals, FHBA and NAHB offer the following items:

NAHB Incentives for New Members Brought in through statewide drives in Fall 2019

  • $100 off HousingEconomics Pro Level Subscription (Regular Cost $195 for members)
  • Free on-demand or live online education course (Value: $299)
  • 4 free webinar replays (Value: $260)
  • Free IBS Expo Pass ($225)

NAHB incentives for members to recruit:

  • Builder members can win a free trip to Napa Valley, please visit for more information.
  • Triple Spike credits during the month of October
  • Spike VIP access at the IBS2020 Closing Concert for those who recruit 5+ Builder and/or Associate members from Nov. 1, 2018 to Oct. 31, 2019. Learn more at
  • To qualify for complementary tickets to the IBS 2020 Closing Concert, a Spike must recruit one new builder or associate member or two affiliate members between November 1, 2018 and October 31, 2019. All qualifying spikes get 2 complementary show and drink tickets (general admission).

NAHB support to HBAs in retention after the drives:

  • HBAs can schedule a retention visit with a Field Representative for an additional 90 min. of on-site training in applying retention best practices.
  • Folder available through Materials Ordering Site to stuff with critical HBA information to provide to new members, only pay shipping and handling
  • 3 options for stand-out invitations to a “new member welcome event” available on MyCampaign

The association family survives solely on members. And, in turn, our purpose is to focus on your needs. Together, we create a better, stronger economic environment for the building industry.

We ask all participating local HBAs to “drive it out” and may the best local win!

Questions? Email us at or call 800.261.9447.

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