Report from NAHB Mid-Year Meeting

Florida was well represented at the NAHB Mid-year meeting. In spite of being hosted on the West Coast, over 30 members of the Florida delegation participated. Below are some highlights from the meeting and future opportunities.

  • Online application and membership portal at is up and running with information confirmed for 620 locals. Online applications are coming in from people who would not have otherwise joined. In conjunction with the online applications, the ability to spread out payments is a popular feature.
  • 2019 Committee/Council Appointments are now open – deadline is September 23rd. Applications available at .  After completing your online request please email Chuck Fowke –, Karen Koelemij – and Greg Matovina- and let them know which committee(s) you have applied for so they can follow up with recommendations.
  • Codes Committee has launched the One & Done They are asking one member who has a relationship with their local building official(s) to sign up to help NAHB spread information on our voting guide for the ICC code. To sign up, to be your locals building official’s contact for this program, access the forms here,
  • The Labor shortage is a nationally recognized headwind for our industry. NAHB Chairman, Randy Noel, attended a White House event and met President Trump who signed an executive order on job creation. NAHB and HBI have set a goal to train 50,000 new workers in the construction trades over the next 5 years in support of this initiative.
  • NAHB lobbyists are working hard at forging relationships with the minority leadership in the hopes of blue-wave proofing our industry.
  • Softwood lumber tariffs have added $9,000.00 (Nat’l Avg) to the cost of a new home.  NAHB has worked with both US and Canadian officials to resolve this dispute.  Some federal lands will be opened for harvesting but that only adds 10% of supply.  NAHB launched a targeted media campaign at the White House, Congress, and the lumber mills to add pressure and urgency for finding a solution.
  • The National Flood Insurance program was just reauthorized through November 30th, 2018. At which time it is expected to be reauthorized again through the first of the year when real reform may be in considered.
  • FHBA Third Vice President, Rick Ilmberger, represented Florida Associate Members at the NAHB Mid-Year meeting.  It was a great opportunity to network and develop relationships with other associate members from all parts of the country with a passion & dedication that is second to none!  Participating in a full day of Associate Sub-Committee meetings from Advocacy, Leadership, Education & Outreach gave a greater appreciation for the outside-the-box thinking and debate that goes into making sure Associate Members needs and wants are met as well as our voices heard.
  • NAHB’s Associate Toolkit is the “One Stop Shop” for all things Associates.  The Toolkit is the place to find all the answers, materials and information pertaining to Associates.  Click here to visit the Toolkit at or login and search “Associates”
  • NAHB’s Associate Committee has developed a scholarship program to help defray the costs of attending NAHB national meetings for Associate Members.  It is intended to help those who wouldn’t be able to attend these meetings, get there and become involved on the national level.  NAHB wants to encourage new voices in the Federation and this is a way to help make that happen.
  • It’s also a great time to start nominating individuals for Associate member awards. Florida boasts a great number of Associate Members who work hard throughout the Federation. Click here to review the Associate Awards.
  • Membership within the NAHB is off to a great start.  Randy Noel stated, “This is the year of membership”, which resulted in the best May drive with over 4600 new members recruited and a net gain for the month of 2,187 – the best since 2008.  NAHB has an overall membership of 140,000.