Sen. Lee Takes Building Code Amendment Lead

One of FHBA’s priorities during the 2017 Legislative Session is to support legislation that will modify Florida’s Building Code development process; retaining its integrity while streamlining implementation processes.

Below is a press release by Sen. Tom Lee, announcing his action towards this effort. Senator Lee serves as Chair of the Senate Community Affairs Committee, where building code issues are heard.

FHBA thanks Senator Lee for his efforts to bring rationality to the building code process!

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Senator Tom Lee, District 20 — Press Release

December 15, 2016


Brandon, FL — Senator Tom Lee (RThonotosassa) announced today he will lead the Senate’s effort to revamp and streamline the process by which the Florida Building Code is amended.

Currently, the Florida Building Commission is required to update the Florida Building Code every three years to reflect the most current version of various international codes. Senator Lee’s bill will streamline this process by removing this requirement and, using Florida’s existing Building Code as the foundation, by giving the Commission authority to decide which provisions of the international codes are appropriate and necessary for Florida.

“The Florida Building Code has been an effective tool for improving the structural integrity and energy efficiency of our state’s housing stock, leading to lower property and casualty insurance rates and minimizing windstorm damages,” Senator Lee said. “However, now that the most dramatic gains have been realized, it’s time to look for a more common sense and cost effective approach to updating the code.”

Under the proposed bill, the Florida Building Commission will retain its ability to adopt annual technical amendments to the Code that relate directly to public health, safety and welfare.

“The goal is to strike a balance between keeping our code current without letting trivial updates and pressure from suppliers create an unnecessary burden on the industry and the consumer,” Senator Lee added.

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