Beyond Moral High Ground To Help Friends

Today begins the final week of the 2019 Legislative Session.

Our impact fee bill passed both chambers a few weeks ago and other FHBA priorities remain in play. Much work is to still be done this final week of session but at this time our goals are where we need them to be for passage. Stay tuned next week for a final report. This week, I want to speak about helping out friends.

As you look at the issues we have lobbied (impact fees, inclusionary zoning, statewide septic tank regulations, limiting excess permit funds, opposing potential moratoriums, and the list goes on) the votes have been divisive, partisan at times, and placed some of our friends in the legislature in a precarious situation.

Some occupy marginal districts, and those who oppose our friends will use many of the votes in favor of our priorities against them.

Though we know our priorities are good for Florida’s economy and ultimately for housing affordability, political consultants will distort the issues on post cards and 30 second media spots. Our friends in the legislature will be accused of putting development interest over the interest of their constituents.

It will take more than moral high-ground to come to their rescue.

We will be EXPECTED to provide the financial resources for our friends to overcome this onslaught. To be quite frank, the $10 FHB PAC donation, which is an opt-out feature within each FHBA member’s membership dues, does not provide the necessary resources.

This is why we have a FHB PAC 1,000 Club; why large volume builders give generously to join the Volume Builders Council; and why we have fundraisers such as the FHB PAC Streamsong Golf & Clayshoot Fundraiser Golf event.

If we are unable to help our friends who risk the political careers to help us, we will find a legislature unwilling to consider future priorities. Let’s help those who help us.

Click here to join the FHB PAC 1,000 Club.

Click here to register for the FHB PAC Streamsong Golf & Clayshoot Fundraiser event.


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