Week Seven of Legislative Session

We are at that point in session, where it is much like watching paint dry, conversations and strategy are being worked behind the scenes, and we are all scrambling to put things on other bills.

Next week, the only committee scheduled to meet is the Senate Rules Committee. All other times both chambers will be on the floor or conferencing the budget. Many of our priorities are still in play and we continue to work on bills that have provisions which give us angst. Two more weeks to go.

Highlights of the Major Issues:

Mitigation Banking (allowing credits to be purchased from local governments if/when no private are available): The House bill was approved by the full House and is in Senate Messages. Meanwhile, the Senate bill awaits to be placed on the special order calendar.

Property Development/Growth Management (inclusionary zoning, development orders and impact fee provisions): The needed procedural movement that had to happen occurred this week. The Senate bill was placed on the Rules Committee agenda (the last of session) and the House bill was placed on the Special Order calendar for Wednesday.

Transfer of Septic Program to DEP/Water Quality: The water quality bill in the House has a new number, 973H by Rep. Payne. It retains the type 1 transfer of the septic program to DEP, but requires a report by Dec. 2019 with recommendations on how to retain permitting through local health departments. The other aspects of the amendment stakeout the House’s position on water quality. We expect the Senate to use SB 1758 by Mayfield to move negotiations forward. Fortunately, a few weeks ago we successfully a potential construction moratorium from the Senate Bill.

Excess Permit Fees: The Excess Permit Fee Bill now has a new number: HB1333, by Rep. Payne (the same Rep. Payne who now has the water bill). HB133 was amended to include the Excess permit fee language (allowing carry over of 1 year operating expenses and requiring that excess fees be used to reduce or rebate fees). Any reference to excess fees being used for workforce training is now removed from both the House and Senate Bill. The Senate Bill is still in committee. We are busy strategizing how to move the issue in the Senate.

Workforce Education: The Senate workforce bill by Sen. Hutson, was amended and approved in its lasts committee of reference. Among other provisions of the bill, it provides alternative graduation pathways for career and technical education. This House companion by Rep. Mariano is on next week’s Special Order Calendar.

Click here to view the FHBA tracking chart. I hope this provides the information you are seeking. Please keep in mind, nothing in this process is a sure thing until Sine Die.

Before I sign off, our successes are not possible without a healthy PAC. All you golfers and sporting clay shooters, click here for the FHB PAC fundraising event at Streamsong, which is a fabulous facility.

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