Doug Wenzel Achieves National All-Time Big Spike Designation

Doug Wenzel Achieves National All-Time Big Spike Designation

A longtime Florida sales representative for a national new home warranty company, Doug Wenzel has been honored as one of the leading membership recruiters in the history of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The official designation of “All-Time Big Spike” signifies his incredible commitment to the growth of local HBAs in Florida, the Florida Home Builders Association (FHBA), and NAHB.

While the Jacksonville, FL-based Northeast Florida BA is considered his “home” association, Wenzel has recruited over 1,500 new members into a dozen local HBAs around the state.

Professionally, Wenzel has strengthened the Florida home building industry by enlisting builder participation in a 30-year-old warranty program that protects the new-home investments of thousands of Florida residents.

“Anyone who derives their livelihood from the home building industry needs to support their local, state, and national builders association,” says Wenzel. “HBAs work hard to create an economic and regulatory environment in which members are successful and consumers are well-protected. Membership dues are an investment in the future of our industry and that of every builder and associate who joins.”

The All-Time Big Spike designation is held by less than 25 NAHB members nationwide.